Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Zone Call

Captain W.E John’s fictional hero “Biggles” forces an unarmed Pfalz pilot to land and captures him. The man later gives information whilst drunk to Air Intelligence, that leads them to organise a raid on a new German Airfield. Biggles isn't so easily fooled and finds a torn part of a secret order in the German's plane. Biggles then searches in the opposite direction to the information given.
As he flies aimlessly around he notices that the anti-aircraft fire becomes much more intense the closer he flies to a particular piece of woodland.
He decides to fly low over the wood and finds the German Army massing soldiers in it. He then uses a helpful R.E. 8 pilot and observer to send out a "zone call". This is a concentrated fire by all British artillery in the area on one spot (and costs in the region of £10,000 a minute in shells!). The wood is pounded and the German troops are forced to withdraw so this foils the potential German attack.

ID seems to me rather like flying near the wood. There must be something very important about ID- because of the nature of the opposition to it.
It exposes the heart and soul of materialist assumptions and exposes the materialist faith as one religious position amongst many rather than the one truth amongst many fairy stories.
The Dover judgement (I will write a report on this when things have calmed down a little) is another piece of evidence calling for a Zone call concentrating on the materialist love affair with Darwin.


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