Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Classification of ID

It seems to me that there are two sorts of ID type arguments.

(a) Cosmological ID - "Someone monkeyed around with the physics" This someone it seems to me has to be God or at least a god of some kind. To be able to control the laws of physics must be a property of deity I think.

(b) Biological ID - Life is an exhibition of design (or apparent design)

For this area there are two divisions:

(i) The origin of life itself. Where did the first living organism(s) on the planet come from? How did they/it arise?

(ii) The origin of additional biological complexity to produce the stunning variety of living organisms we can see around us.

I am interested in Cosmological ID but I do not intend to focus on it in this blog. By training and natural inclination I am much more concerned about the biological ID arguments.


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