Friday, December 23, 2005

The Darwinist Propaganda Carnival Continues…

The public relations exercise that is defending modern philosophical naturalism is seeking to use all the propaganda tricks in the book.

This years Science journal’s top ten discoveries seeks to underline an important propaganda point.

Evolution is an integral part of every single biology experiment.
Evolution underpins all our work to identify and treat genetic disease.
Evolution underpins all our work in countering infectious diseases.

Thus those who have grave misgivings about the creative power of chance genetic change being the cause of complex life forms and brilliant nanotechnology are portrayed as being anti-science and anti-medicine and seeking to turn the clock back to an age where mysterious spiritual forces were the causes of sneezing.

“They” want Astrology chapters inserted into physics textbooks.
“They” want Alchemy chapters in chemistry texts.
“They” want Unicorns, elves, hobgoblins and fairies in the biology textbooks.

These are tactics of slander, smearing and false accusation rather than a fair and balanced treatment of the arguments.

Thus scientists have crossed over the line between the pursuit of truth to the defence of a worldview. The odd thing is that they do not seem to realise what they are doing. Most of them simply have no concept that there is such a thing as a “worldview” they are so immersed in their own view of the world that they don’t really believe that there can be anything else other than naturalism without it deserving to be in a padded clinic.

Scientists (especially biologists trained to think in exclusively evolutionist fashion) are poorly placed to draw the distinctions between belief based upon evidence and belief based upon worldview.

Evolution provides poor resources for explaining the huge problems of the origins of life and the origins of huge amounts of complex machinery which makes our best efforts at technology look very clumsy indeed. To pretend that we have demonstrated that unintelligent causes provide a full explanation for all this is dishonest.


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