Friday, December 02, 2005

Tony Blair an ID supporter?

On the occasion that the above right honourable gentleman may next be found here would he mind leaving a comment about the above subject... I just happened to read in the New York Times (you have to log in) that he was an ID fan:

"President George W. Bush, a vocal Christian, has stated he believes that intelligent design should be taught in classrooms alongside evolution, as has British Prime Minister Tony Blair."
The report was from Reuters but I certainly was not aware of whether you were keen or not... I might even consider giving you space to do a guest post!


Blogger Andrew Rowell said...

If anyone knows the Reuters source I would be very grateful to have it.

9:18 pm  
Anonymous Andy Groves said...

I can't find a source claiming that Blair has called for including ID in science classes. I think this may have originated in Prime Minsiter's Questions a few years ago when Blair was asked whether he thought that charter schools teaching creationism (such as the one in Gateshead, I believe) were OK. Blair seemed to be caught unprepared - presumably because he hadn't been briefed on this beforehand - and mumbled something about what mattered were the exam results.

9:26 pm  
Blogger Jeffahn said...

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12:59 am  
Blogger Jeffahn said...

Whether or not Tony Blair supports ID does not change the fact that there is, as of yet, no scientific theory of ID to be taught.

1:07 am  

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