Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A question about defining the borders of science.

Looking across the atlantic to the debate in the USA about intelligent design and particularly the court case in Dover…one question occurred to me this morning as I was trying to summon up the will power to start my sit ups….it was this…

If there are to be clear boundaries defining what is science and what is not science (which the Panda’s thumb-ites seem to want…. If we don’t exclude intelligent design from science then the whole world of science and technology will fall apart don’t you know!) then where does the debate about what science is take place? Does the debate about what science is take place within science or outside science? Is the debate about what science actually is a scientific debate or not?

If the new NCSE/AAAS rules of science are to be applied rigorously…do they apply to the debate about making the science rule book? Are the new rules of science to be scientific or not? Can the new rules of science be taught in science lessons or not?


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