Monday, October 24, 2005

BMW shares plummet as a mutant model escapes.

After an industrial dispute with the quality control team
an extraordinary version of the new BMW saloon has caused a bigger press scramble than BMW marketing departments ever intended. No one is quite sure exactly what happened on the production line in the Berlin assembly plant but a new push button control appeared on the left of the CD/DVD system with the word “Geschlecht” on it.

This was embarrassing enough in itself as over 1000 cars had been produced and sold before the button and its extraordinary function was spotted by a team of service engineers in Hamburg. Hans Smut from Autoservice said “It was the most extraordinary experience in my life. There was no BMW documentation for this and nothing in my 40 years in th industry prepared me for what happened”

What happened is the most closely guarded secret in the history of the car industry. As Gerhard Dien put it:

“It blew my mind… A week after I pressed the button I found the little baby in the boot. It was about 15cm long and enclosed in a squashy plastic layer. "

One month later it was too big to fit in the boot and after 3 months it was a fully functional copy of the original…bright and shiny as new!

"No one told me about this function when I bought the car but I am not complaining!”


Blogger Mike said...

Very funny sarcasm!!

8:30 pm  
Anonymous H said...

If only it had been a Nissan.
Then it would have been the first observed instance of Micra Evolution.

I'll get me coat...

10:54 pm  

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