Friday, October 28, 2005

A new generation of Microsoft Software- the new model for software development.

Microsoft have announced a new model of software design. Applying the results of evolutionary history we see that unintelligent random change combined with natural selection has produced feats of engineering and informational brilliance far in advance of our own feeble efforts.

Software Engineers at Microsoft have now started including their patented “evo-soft” package in all of their operating system software.

Andrew Randon (a software evangelist) said “We copied Nature… we introduced a software mutation package. It randomly changed the code in a way exactly analogous to the way DNA mutates in nature. The package includes point mutations (where one zero is substituted for one 1 in the code), chromosome recombination events, (where one section of code is swapped to a new location in the code) and even transposon events are mimicked.”

Bill Gates said “We have been testing this new evo-software in the public domain for several years now and the results are encouraging. No one has noticed any negative impact and we are certain that new functions will appear much more quickly with this system than simply relying on our own software engineers.”

George Steady from Sun Microsystems said “We are very jealous of this product and the thinking behind it. I wish we had thought of it first.”

Google refused to comment but there are rumours that they have a similar project of their own which they will soon be releasing as a search facility which will only work with Windows systems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you show a link to such information?

6:51 am  
Blogger Jeffahn said...

Well bugger me -I didn't know that software reproduced!

4:37 pm  
Blogger Andrew Rowell said...

The beneficial changes (about 99%) feed back through the automatic update facility and are used to produce new versions of Windows.

5:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said... designer needed! That's the ideal world unruly person like me to live.

11:33 am  

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