Friday, September 30, 2005

Christianity the cause of societal dysfunction?

Ms Ruth Gledhill set the Blogs buzzing with her article in the Times. She reports on a study by Gregory Paul (a dinasaur palaeontologist and an anti ID man) available here. It seems that the study was of a poor quality and that Ms Gledhill misrepresented the study in her article. (See a Christian Statistician's view here.) What is more interesting is that the Times editor made the decision to print such an article... are the major players in the MSM nailing their colours to the mast? I wonder what discussion went on at the Times HQ over this?

How is all this related to ID you may ask... well interestingly about a third of Gregory Paul's article is about evolution and creation. He makes the link himself. He is seeking to debunk the idea that religion is the determining factor in the development of moral behaviour.

Darwinists want to claim that their doctrines are morally benign... both to society and to Christianity. This (to most fair minded people) is a huge error. Every clear view of the universe results in a particular view of morality. King David of Israel wrote a Psalm about it.... The fool said in his heart ... No God.....they are corrupt... Human goodness and purity is related to our distance from God and the character of our chosen King.

How many countries founded on atheism and Darwinism would you have liked to live in?

As G.K Chesterton put it..."even if I was an atheist I would still want my doctor, my lawyer and my banker to believe in God."


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