Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Royal Society Statement and Live Webcast tonight.

The Royal Society, has today published a statement on ID:


This evening Prof Steve Jones will give a lecture at the Royal Society, which will be broadcast live on the web:

Next live Webcast: Why creationism is wrong and evolution is right
Webcast commences: 1730GMT / 1830BST Tuesday 11th April
Intro:Many biologists are worried by a recent and unexpected return of an argument based on belief by the certainty, untestable and unsupported by evidence, that life did not evolve but appeared by supernatural means. Worldwide, more people believe in creationism than in evolution. Why do no biologists agree? Steve Jones will talk about what evolution is, about new evidence that men and chimps are close relatives and about how we are, nevertheless, unique and why creationism does more harm to religion than it does to science.

The BBC news website had an article here on the statement.

Notice the implication of the paragraph...if you are a creationist (presumably of any sort!) you cannot be a biologist. If you do not believe that life evolved by natural means you are not and cannot be a biologist!

This is the sort of statement that indicates that Darwin's defenders in the UK are seriously behind the debate and have not understood the significance of the position of the Intelligent Design movement.

I am sure that this Royal Society statement would get a sharp rap on the knuckles from the folks from the NCSE in the US!


Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz) said...

Hi, Andrew,

My dad-in-law is going to this, along with somebody who knows a bit about creationism .... I wonder if the questions will be podcast?

3:17 pm  

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