Friday, November 11, 2005

Steve Fuller vs Jack Cohen - Warwick University.

Thanks go to Tom Abbott for this information.

A public discussion between the above academics occured at Warwick University.

The audio of the discussion is available here.
The webpage for comments is here.
I was left with 2 burning questions for Prof Jack Cohen (and lots of others at a slightly lower temperature.)

1. You said that Dembski's maths was "nonsense"... can you explain what you meant?

2. You said that after a few days work in the library you found lots(I think you said lots or may be several) of structures intermediate on the way to a bacterial flagellum. I am aware of the Type 2 Secretory system but I am not aware of any good homologies with the motor components… would you mind sharing your research?

Tom is going to try and get Prof Cohen to respond.... stay tuned!


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