Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ID News

Peter Williams has three new posts up at IDplus. Where I noticed that the Times had a report this weekend relating to ID and the Vatican. He mentions Steve Fuller from Warwick University who testified in the Dover school Trial and the recent ID conference in Prague.

It seems a shame that this first major court case for ID in the US caused a considerable amount of confusion amongst the ID people. The method by which ID was to be introduced into the Dover schools curriculum was clumsy to say the least. This meant that the Discovery Institute was not fully behind the lawsuit. Then to make matters worse the Law firm representing the Dover school bungled badly in seeking to have the key players in ID testify without their own legal experts being involved (see here) Despite this Behe and Minnich did very well on the witness stand and seem to have enjoyed the opportunity to speak out for ID.


Anonymous Tom Abbott said...

You might be interested in a debate we arranged between Steve Fuller and Jack Cohen at the University of Warwick (for whom I work) - it's a long one, but covers a lot of material


10:38 am  

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