Saturday, August 25, 2007

Melanie Phillips - Life in a random Universe?

"Moreover, since science essentially takes us wherever the evidence leads, the findings of more than 50 years of DNA research — which have revealed the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce life — have thrown into doubt the theory that life emerged spontaneously in a random universe."
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Science Vs Religion.

Publication of Steve Fuller’s Dissent over Descent has been delayed until Spring 2008. However, in the meanwhile, he has just published another book relating to ID, Science vs Religion? Intelligent Design and the Problem of Evolution (Polity). You can peek inside the book by going to the Amazon website.

Fuller will be speaking at the Leeds University conference, ‘Darwinism after Darwin’, on 3-5 September. This includes an appearance on a panel discussing Richard Weikart’s controversial From Darwin to Hitler (Palgrave), with Weikart as respondent. For more information about this conference, which is open to the public, see the website:

Darwin or Design.

Jason Rennie, the young Australian producer of the on-line ‘thesciphishow’, has released ‘Darwin or Design’, 9.5 hours of interviews with various people on either side of this controversy.

The links to these interviews are here.

An overview of Evolution
Chapter 1 : PZ Myers, An overview of Evolution and ID 15:48
Chapter 2 : Sean Carroll, What is Evo Devo ? 20:17
Chapter 3 : Nick Matzke, Can the Flagella Evolve ? 29:27

Design in the ID advocates own words
Chapter 4 : Salvador Cordova, What is ID ? 20:20
Chapter 5 : Mike Behe, What is Irreducible Complexity ? 17:51
Chapter 6 : Angus Menuge, Agency and how to identify it 18:28
Chapter 7 : Guillermo Gonzalez, The Privileged Planet 17:26
Chapter 8 : Joey Campana, Does ID research actually exist ? 26:17
Chapter 9 : James Shapiro, Sentient Cells ? 33:50
Chapter 10 : Mike Gene, What is Front Loading ? 23:37

ID's critics
Chapter 11 : Elliot Sober, ID and the Philosophy of Science 10:46
Chapter 12 : Scott Turner, The problem of Design 24:02
Chapter 13 : Glenn Morton, Can ID work in Biology ? 15:19
Chapter 14 : Ryan Nichols, Are ID and Theology Inseperable ? 14:28
Chapter 15 : Georgia Purdon, Isn't ID just Creationism in Disguise ? 21:44

ID, The Philosophy of Science, History and The Law
Chapter 16 : David Livingstone, Evolution and Christianity, The History 32:37
Chapter 17 : Del Ratzsch, Can ID be Science ? 25:38
Chapter 18 : Massimo Pigliucci, Evolutionary Epistemology and ID 28:34
Chapter 19 : Henry Schaefer, Science and Religion 14:40
Chapter 20 : Donald McConnell, Intelligent Design, Creationism and The Law 34:42
Chapter 21 : Steve Fuller, ID & Social Epistemology 19:11

ID in the Wild
Chapter 22 : John Davison, The Price of Dissent 35:26
Chapter 23 : Denyse O'Leary, ID & The Media 22:51
Chapter 24 : Geoff Simmons, Darwinism, ID & Medicine 27:40
Chapter 25 : Rob Sawyer, Calculating God 25:27


A trailer for this film due to be released on Darwins birthday (February 12th next year) is now available here.

Press release is here.

It looks interesting!