Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Off Topic.

If you live near Durham or are visiting near the area do take a trip to see a ridiculous sight in the cathedral. Close to the cloisters near the restaurant there is a bookshop with the title "Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge" on display you will find a book by Richard Dawkins entitled "The God Delusion." When asked about this the manager replied that it was done to "avoid discrimination."


Anonymous Hrafn said...

It may, at first sight, seem ridiculous - but on further reflection can be seen to be very sensible: know your opponent.

I have not read any of Dawkins' metaphysical writings, but what I have seen of his scientific writings are knowledgeable, well thought out and articulate. This makes a refreshing contrast to his opposite numbers, hard-line Creationists, and even arguably all Creationists (including IDers), who generally come across as ignorant, woolly-thinking and/or garbled.

Whilst Dawkins may frequently annoy committed Christians, the clarity of his writing and arguments are far more likely to convince young, college-age agnostics and lapsed-Christians than the preaching-to-the-choir-style sermons of the likes of Ken Ham.

2:09 am  
Blogger allygally said...


I share your anger.

I too think that "Christian Knowledge" is an oxymoron, just like "rap music". That is the point you were making I presume. If not, maybe you could give us a few examples of "Christian Knowledge", as opposed to than "Christian Faith" or "Christian Belief". Not, please, "Christian Science". That's also an oxymoron.

8:26 am  
Blogger allygally said...

Andrew, as you seem keen on improbability, could you tell us: just how improbable is your god?

Is there anything more improbable than the existence of god. Even more, a god who intervnes in everbody's lives all of the time for all time? Even more, that this interfering active god just happens to be the god that Christians believe in? Not the god of Bali or Babel or Bombay?

Any chance you could do a neat little diagram of this particular improbability?

6:16 pm  

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